Desktop Support

Your company relies on computers to perform day-to-day tasks. When they’re not functioning properly, your employees can’t work, which is a serious blow to your productivity and bottom line. Byte-Werx’s Desktop Support can free up your staff to focus on their jobs, instead of fixing and maintaining their computers.

Desktop Support from Byte-Werx delivers a wide array of benefits:

  • Comprehensive care - with support for a wide range of desktop PCs and peripherals
  • Speedy service - our help desk team responds to your requests promptly
  • Affordability - get unlimited PC support without burning holes in your budget
  • On-demand assistance - we can come to your location or provide remote support -- whatever works best for you

Whether your company has 10 computers or 100, our Desktop Support team can promptly resolve technical issues that threaten to bring your operations to a halt. We proactively monitor your PCs to resolve problems and optimize their performance so your teams can work without disruptions.

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