Network Security

The internet is a minefield of dangerous threats trying to sabotage your business. Even the most well-intentioned employee has the potential to open the doors for viruses, spam, and ransomware. Byte-Werx’s Network Security services give you access to enterprise-level protection at small-business prices.

Byte-Werx’s Network Security solutions give you:

  • Firewall security - keep viruses and attackers out of your network
  • Intelligent filtering - stop harmful websites from hurting office productivity
  • Detailed reports - regulate and track your staff’s internet usage for security threats
  • Economical plans - get preventative maintenance, patching, and malware protection for a flat-rate monthly fee

Let Byte-Werx manage your network security for faster workstations, enhanced productivity, and peace of mind knowing your infrastructure is safe from cyberattacks.

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